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Warranty and Advantage

The Genesis Commitment

Each natural colour diamond sold by Genesis Rare Diamonds is unconditionally guaranteed and risk free to the Buyer with respect to quality, carat weight, colour, cut and clarity as evidenced by the following documentation accompanying each product upon delivery:

  • A certificate issued by one or more of the most reputable, independent and professional gemological laboratories in the world certifying the carat weight, colour, cut and clarity.

  • In the event the Buyer chooses to incorporate a natural colour diamond into a Genesis Rare Diamonds custom jewellery creation, Genesis shall, in addition, provide a certificate issued by an independent professional gemological appraiser attesting as to the approximate retail replacement value of the jewellery creation.

  • ​A 10 business day money back guarantee on all natural colour diamonds purchased from Genesis Rare Diamonds.

The Genesis Guarantee

With Genesis Rare Diamonds, you may be assured that your needs will be anticipated and met with care, honesty, integrity, competence, attention to detail, and absolute discretion.


With many years of combined experience devoted to the diamond industry, our principal owners and sales representatives are professionally trained to assist our clients in all matters relating to the investment and potential re-marketing of natural colour diamonds through private sources or auction.


​The vast inventory of natural colour diamonds held and made available to Genesis, the superior design and craftsmanship of your custom hand-crafted jewellery creations, as well as our exceptional price points on all natural colour diamonds have made us one of the leading organizations in the natural colour diamond industry.

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